Due to COVID-19, law firms are facing a huge shift toward remote work and the adoption of technology. This shift needs to be navigated with a clear view of the ethical risks and requirements that leveraging technology can present.

To help the real estate finance and legal community make this shift, ProDeal is offering a free 50 minute CLE course for 1 credit (0.5 ethics, 0.5 professional practice) on the intersection of cyber security and legal ethics. 

Sample topics covered in the 50 minute course

  • Do our ethical obligations impact how we use technology?
  • What are the external cyber threats to maintaining our ethical duties?
  • How can you protect yourself, your clients and your firm from these threats?


The course is taught by Ian Group, Esq., Head of ProDeal's Customer Success Department. Ian is an attorney with over 6 years legal experience.  As Head of Customer Success at ProDeal, Ian sits at the center of real estate's industry's shift toward an even greater reliance on technology.  Ian works with some the industry's largest law firms and banks to adopt technology and best practices to future proof their operations. Ian is long time resident of New York and is a member of the Mindfulness & Well-Being committee at the New York City Bar Association.